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Crust & Crumb


About the Business: 

Crust and crumb is a home based business in One Tree Hill, SA that specialises in artisan sourdough bread. The business was started by Ryia at the beginning of 2020. I am continually trying new sourdough recipes and flavours to be able to expand the product range at crust and crumb.  

About the Bread: 

Sourdough is a naturally fermented dough that is produced from a culture that thrives on bacteria and wild yeast.  All of our breads are made with Laucke flour from a local mill in South Australia and mixed in small batches by hand to keep a consistent standard. They are then slowly fermented for a minimum of 24 hours to help develop flavour. During this long fermentation process, enzymes begin to break down the gluten making it easier for our bodies to digest. The dough is then baked in a stone oven injected with steam to develop a crispy crust and chewy crumb.