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Croftwood Grove

Andrea and Julie are passionate growers of organically grown fruit, berries, vegetables, herbs, fruiting & ornamental plants. All plants are propagated on their property in Lenswood, in the Adelaide Hills. Everything has been growing on their 3-acre smallholding for about 18 years. They love to grow the common and the not so common!

 They offer seasonal plants that can be planted straight into the garden or kept in a pot. They grow many varieties of raspberries and brambleberries. These are picked from November onwards. They are sold fresh at the market and Andrea makes a variety of berry jams with the surplus.

 Andrea and Julie also lease a spray free orchard just down the road from their own property. Here they can be seen busy harvesting all kinds of fruit throughout the seasons. Plums, apples, quinces, lemons, persimmon, kiwis, etc.  Surplus produce from their garden and orchard is used to make jams, jellies, chutneys, relishes and sauces. They also dry their own apples.

 Lacto fermented vegetables are also a passion of Andrea’s. They have available Kimchi with or without chilli and a range of sauerkrauts which are naturally fermented. Kombucha is available every week with seasonal flavours using their own fruit and herbs. 

A variety of gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free treats are available each week.

Be sure to check out their fridge each week to see what is new.